Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme – Application Portal


Welcome to the Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme portal for cycle repair shops and mechanics.

Register your business to redeem vouchers under the scheme, if it meets the eligibility criteria set out below and, in the terms and conditions.

Once the scheme opens, you will be able to access the portal using your login details and redeem voucher codes from members of the public along with the required proof of the repairs. For a guide to how repairers can register and operate within the scheme, please click here to download our Shop Information Pack PDF.

Things to note:

  • To speed up your registration process please have a PDF copy of your insurance schedule to hand (please note, all documentation is checked before payments are made). This document must state clearly that your business has a valid public liability insurance policy which:
    • includes cover of £2million or more;
    • specifically identifies the shop as a facility that carries out cycle repair work;
    • is still valid at point of claim;
  • Each shop in a chain must register independently.
  • Your shop details (trading name, customer facing email, phone number, and website will be displayed on a searchable map for customers.

Key eligibility criteria:

  • As above, participating businesses must hold a valid public liability insurance policy with cover of £2 million or more and must specifically identify the business as a facility that carries out “bicycle repair work”.
  • Repairs eligible under the scheme are those which are necessary to make cycles roadworthy and fit for purpose.
  • To prevent fraudulent claims, evidence of the eligible repair including a photo of both the cycle and receipt are required and must be uploaded onto the portal before payment can be made. This can be done quickly and easily, and separate guidance is provided to help you do this.
  • Vouchers will cover up to £50 per cycle towards the service and parts that need replacement as part of the repairs. The cycle owner will need to pay the remainder cost if the cost is greater than £50.
  • For full eligibility criteria please read the full terms and conditions to ensure vouchers redeemed by your business under the scheme can be paid (any inaccurate information provided now or during voucher redemption could result in delay or refusal of payment).

Personal Data

Energy Saving Trust is collecting this information on behalf of the Department for Transport.

The questions marked with an asterisk (*) below are mandatory. This information is necessary to verify your business account, to carry out fraud checks and ensure you are eligible for the scheme. Some of this data may be published on our site to direct members of the public to your business.

Answers collected from all questions will be held securely and will be processed in line with current data protection legislation. For further information, on how your data will be kept securely, when it will be removed and how to exercise your individual rights please see the Department for Transport’s Personal Information Charter and Energy Saving Trust’s privacy policy .

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Insurance document

Finally, you will enter the email address and password for the shop that you wish to you use to login.

Please bear in mind, this should be used by all employees who may require to book in a cycle repair or redeem a voucher following repair.

Please enter a password so that you can login again in the future

Your new password must contain:

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least 1 uppercase letter
  • At least 1 lowercase letter
  • At least 1 number
  • At least 1 special character (such as ",!,$ etc...)
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